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"What is needed is a sense of domesticity...a feeling of privacy, and an atmosphere of cosiness". Witold Rybczynski, Home

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What we do

renovation, bathroom, ensuite, interior design
renovation, modern kitchen, interior design
renovation, bathroom, ensuite, interior design
Kitchens + Baths

Kitchens and baths are special rooms, and we love transforming them.

We expect a lot of these rooms.  They need to be functional, beautiful, efficient and durable. Great design that creates a beautiful + livable space is key, and so is knowledgeable, thoughtful construction. 

We've got you covered.


We are a small, family run company specializing in bespoke renovations.  Our team can take care of your construction project from design concept through to completion, or anywhere in between. We work together with a trusted team of talented and dedicated craftspeople and professionals to provide a design + build experience that is enjoyable, creative, valuable and honest.

Since 1992

Other Projects

Are you hoping to remodel your basement, add a larger addition, construct a Garden Suite or micro home? Maybe you just need some interior design advice.

We can help.

We also collaborate or consult on a variety of other projects such as subdivision + land use projects, interior design, and commercial spaces.

Let's talk.

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Rick - Construction

mobile  250-888-4661


Trish - Design

mobile  250-812-3261


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